Wiggin’ Out


Even though we work in the emergency room, health care workers aren’t able to tolerate everything. We all have things that give us the heebie jeebies…

For some people, it’s when bones are sticking out every which way and feet are poking backwards. Yeah, for me that’s a little disturbing but definitely doesn’t “bother” me.

For some people it’s the messes of bodily waste that can end up- everywhere. Some times I do need a bit of peppermint oil under the nose (it does wonders to mask smells) but I’ve gotten past the point of it bothering me.

Then there’s abscesses…when a doc cuts open a massive, infected sore and smelly puss is squirting out and you can barely keep up with the suction….Disgusting but doesn’t bother me.

For me, it’s the patients who have a tracheostomy. You know the gal who talks on tv with the robot voice and tells you not to smoke cigarettes. Smoking through a hole in the neck? Imagine mucus coming out of that thing like a vile volcano. Now imagine her coughing through that thing right in your face….that’s what gets me…

3 thoughts on “Wiggin’ Out

  1. I’ll remember that the next time I break my foot and apologize to the EMT wrapping it for having unshaven legs. I’ll also remember it the next time having a cigarette sounds like an okay idea.

  2. I’m with you on that one. I would take all the nastiness that came through CVA and gynecology any day over that. Yuck gag barf.

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