This is what Zombies act like…

Back to life in the emergency room…and it’s busy!

It’s been quite the hiatus from writing- life is good! Our baby is growing, and my wife and I are learning the challenges and experiencing the joys of new parenthood. I’ve scheduled out my days so that I can continue keeping this blog current with the craziness of the emergency room. Thanks for continuing to visit!

Dude walks into triage…” I just killed three people, you know I did- call Tacoma Police right now!”

Of course, every psch patient says crazy things and I’m sure people are wondering what he’ll say next…did he eat their souls too? That’s when duder turns to the side and you can see his neck is filleted open from ear to collar bone….then he starts backing out of the ER.

I come running out because I hear that we’ve just had a walk-in trauma and I’m curious…I see the guy from a distance and see that he’s covered in blood and has a large gash on his neck…he’s a huge guy and extremely deranged.

When he turns his head…I get the full view- I see his carotid artery, tendons, muscle tissue- the full “zombie movie” style gash. Worst gash I’ve seen- and it’s running directly down his neck. People are following with supplies- waiting for him to drop to the ground so they can start working on him.

” Sir, you have a massive gash on your neck and it’s very important that you be seen in the emergency room,” I tell him. He acts like he didn’t even hear me- doesn’t even look at me. He walks over to where he’s set down a full energy drink- and pours it straight on his head. He shakes his head- with liquid flying off- and slams his fist down onto the can- completely crushing it. Holy cow- I’m not going anywhere near this guy.

He then proceeds to walk into traffic- people stop as he walks across the street- mass security following close by. Minutes later, he comes in, handcuffed with TPD. Still, this guy won’t cooperate- he’s medicated, intubated and after some quick stabilization, he’s taken straight to the operating room.

Definitely one of the crazier things I’ve seen…people were talking about how nuts this guy was. Don’t think he did kill three people after all- but I’m not gonna go find him and challenge him.

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