The Impossible Illness

surprised face, crazy, wild, funnySpending some time with a restrained patient in the emergency room can quickly give you insight you never had and enlighten you with facts you wish you never learned.

The patient I was with was truly psychotic, not violent- towards me anyways, but so far out there that there was no way to guess what was coming next.

The patient was a female- that’s all I’ll say, and only because it’s important for the context of the story. I always try to disclose as little information about the patient without taking away from the pertinent info of the story. Many times I keep the patient gender-neutral when recounting the events of the day. This patient was female- and a live wire!

She would scream out name of one of our techs at the top of her lungs- apparently he hit it off well with her. She and I got along ok too.

She starts telling me about her medications.

“I take bi-polar meds so i can’t drink alcohol anymore.”

” I know what will happen if I drink on those meds- I’ll die when I’m fifty.”

“I’ll lose a kidney or get cancer.”

“I’ll friggin’ die from prostate cancer…I know things because I read and talk to my neighbors.”

Her poor neighbors- I wonder which one told her- she would die of prostate cancer

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