The Great Fall

Victim and Perpetrator

Last night my wife and I come in from work together. As always, our Great Dane, Diesel, is excited to see us and comes running happily to greet us. We make our way into the bedroom and somehow or another, Diesel loses his footing  and lands with his full weight, hip first- right on my wife’s foot/ankle. She was done for…

Reeling in pain, I tried to keep her comfortable and hope that it was just a bump and that she would be stiff but mobile in the morning. We apply ice through the evening and I wrap her up in an ace wrap for comfort.

Middle of the night, I wake up…I hear a strange sound…rustling. I peek off the edge of the bed and see Heidi’s crouched figure, scooting on her butt into the bathroom….oooh…that’s not good. Two more times in the night I hear (and partially see through sleep drenched eyes) her crawling into the bathroom.

Morning comes and there’s no way that she’s going anywhere- other than the doctor’s office. We both have stick-shift cars so she can’t even drive herself. Looks like we’re scrapping this day of work. Call the doctors and manage to get seen early by the ARNP. I whisk her all around the facilities- in a wheelchair- she hated that. Make way for the invalid!

We get a couple of x-rays done and head home. After calling around, we manage to score some crutches from family…saving ourselves the sixty dollars the medical supply store was going to charge us.

A bad sprain and a referral to the podiatrists, which she’ll most likely blow off- is what we get for having a clumsy dog that weighs 160+ lbs.

Eight months pregnant and on crutches. She’s a sad sight to see. I still think it’s kinda funny…don’t tell her that though!

2 thoughts on “The Great Fall

  1. Ooooooooh, you are a wicked man for thinking such a thing, but I won’t tell her. I will however tell MY 8 month pregnant wife about it, so that she can see what a perfect husband I am. You don’t mind….right?

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