Thanks People!

thanks, thank-you,typewriter,card,Life in the emergency room has been busy as usual. My inabillity to post as frequently in the last week has been due to my busyness outside of work. So much is going on, I want to take the time and thank-you for continuing to come back to read this blog.

Thanks to readers like you, the first month of being online showed some awesome feedback! We just passed 500 unique visitors, and over 3,500 page views! It’s been hard work getting the ball rolling- thanks to everyone who has helped get the word out! I’m working on a facebook page for the blog now- I’ve been spamming it through my personal page up till now. Look for that soon.

Wow, life has been busy.

My wife and I are expecting our first child in less than a month! On top of a new baby, we are moving into a new place. It’s been non-stop with baby showers, and trips back and forth- moving things to our new spot. As busy as life is- I love it. I like being challenged and love the exhausted pleasure of accomplishment.

Tomorrow I’ll post a “regular” post about the dysfunctional chaos of the emergency room. If there’s something you’d like to see changed about the site, or have a suggestion- feel free to comment or email me at .

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