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Today was one of those days- extremely busy in the emergency room and a non-stop flow of new customers. More than usual- we got our dose of psych patients today.

It was a funny sight coming in this morning, psych patients lining the hallway- every one but one, with restraints hanging off of their beds. It must have been an eventful night!

What stood out to me today- besides the pace- was the things people said.

Psych issues…

“I don’t have long to live.”

“Sure ya do!”

“I’m foaming at the mouth, I think I have rabies!”

“No you don’t”

“You don’t know that!”

He was right, I didn’t know that, but I was making a guess.

“I had hepatitis once.”

“Ok…what kind of music do you like?

“Don’t try and get all personal on me”

“I’m not sir, just trying to make small talk.”

“Hmmm…well…I like the beatles.”

“Awesome, they were a great band.”

“Don’t drink my blood or you’ll die too.”

“I’m not going to drink your blood, I’m going to send it to the lab.”

I poke his arm for the blood draw.

Bastard…malpractice…” He mutters.

Another story I heard second hand made me laugh.

Psych row…time…unknown-

“Here, have a tuna sandwich and some juice.”

Moments later- flying tuna sandwich.

“Sir, you can’t throw your sandwich.”

“Well…I hate tuna….and women!”

Pretty great day- I was glad to clock out…and glad that I don’t have rabies.

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  1. We had a lady (I use the term out of respect) that was hissing at us like a cat. Once I clocked on it was short lived and someone was made to lay down in their bed.

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