Projectile Puker and friends

puking,vomit,family guy, emt, crazyI haven’t written in what seems like forever…sorry to all the readers- I’ve been so busy. Enough about me, you come here to read about the emergency room- so let’s get started.

A guy comes in and out of the waiting room, walking up to triage- “I need to check in, no wait,” then walks out. This guy is more indecisive than a teenage girl trying to pick out a prom dress. We get him to check in and now the battle is to get him back to a room- his thought pattern is extremely erratic- he’s been smoking crack. He’s so off the wall that the decision is made that once we get him back to a room- he will immediatly be placed into restraints.

The restraint isn’t easy- he’s fairly athletic and quite strong- plus he’s screaming, “HELP!” at the top of his lungs. He’s frantic as we hold him down- “I need water, then I’ll be ok,” two seconds later, “HELP!” By the time we’re done- both him and the bed are completely soaked in his sweat. Once he’s fully restrained and we go hands off- he says, “that wasn’t so bad!” Two seconds later he yells, “SECURITY!!!”

He was medicated and took a good nap till the crack ran it’s course.

A patient is brought in for a mental health evaluation and while he’s a bit bigger than I am, he seems pretty harmless. He wants the usual comforts- a blanket and some juice, but other than that, he’s pretty low maintenance and follows directions. The nurse gives me a file with some pertinent information on what brought him in.

While on the way to a mental health facility, the kid decided he didn’t want to go – so he grabbed the wheel and punched his caregiver fifteen times in the face. I decided to use a little more caution in the care of this individual.

I take a patient to ct scan, it’s gonna be with contrast, so a dye is injected by the machine as the patient is undergoing the scan. The patient is on the table, in the machine when the contrast starts running. He calls out, “Miss, Miss!” I figure his iv is no good and it’s pumping into his arm- which can hurt. A half a second later- he proves me wrong.

This poor guy starts projectile vomiting. I’d never seen anything like it, lying on his back, vomit was shooting out of this guy like a geyser! Selfishly, I was happy that it didn’t hit the ER gurney, which meant there was nothing for me to clean up, just get him a new gown and get out of there. The ct machine, on the other hand, was soaked.

I really love being in the emergency room and sometimes it helps to remind myself why I came in the first place. I’ll be going offline for a bit soon when the baby is born. I’ll be sure to post a pic of the little guy when he debuts.

I’m working on a series of posts that will profile the different jobs of the emergency room. Stay tuned!

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