My first post…hmm…what to say…

Let’s start with a little background. I’m an EMT working in an emergency room and this is a diary (manly version) of the happenings of day to day life. Nothing is ever the same and when you think you’ve seen it all- something surprises you.  I love telling the stories from work and most people are fascinated by the human dramas that unfold in the emergency room. Heartbreak and anguish, anger and regret, pain and pleasure- pursued, are some of the regular overtones of the day.  You’ll notice that peace isn’t found among the list. It’s rarely quiet in the ER, and when it is…everyone is on edge waiting for the world to come crashing off it’s rotation.

No matter the chaos, my role in the ER is to try and bring peace and comfort to those I serve, and serve with. The emergency room can be a place of desperate sadness and can cause those working in it’s core to become jaded and cold. I’ve felt it before, but my constant goal is to be refreshed spiritually and pour the love that I feel- into the lives of those I serve.

My best efforts to document the paths that I cross, and the struggles I observe will be contained in this blog. Personal victories, believe it or not, are many, and when they occur- it’s a powerful thing.  The opportunity that I have to serve such a vast diversity of people is truly an honor. I don’t have all the education of a registered nurse, or the expertise of a doctor, but I do have a love for people, a desire to see healing, and a passion for those in pain.

So whether it’s the story of a broken limb, a guy who swallowed his toothbrush (really…a full size one too) or a prostitute crying when she realizes that people can still care…I’ll be bringing it to you here. My desire is that you can benefit from my experiences and I can grow in the process. Thanks for stopping by.