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baby, cute, hoodyA child is born! Hunter Alexander Siler was born on 8/11/12 and weighed in at a healthy (if not chunky) 8 pounds 9 ounces. He was 21″ long- including his enormous “cone-head” (a result of being in the chute for such a long time.) Regardless of personal bias- I’m convinced he’s in the top five- for cutest babies ever born!

The last time I wrote, we were fifty two hours into the labor process. I say “we” but it was more that my wife was exhausted, in pain, and losing her mind more and more each contraction- while I stood by- terrified and helpless. The plan was to go all natural- my wife is pretty tough- but after fifty two hours of prodromal labor (real labor that’s ineffective in dilation) she was starting to lose it and I was ready to medicate her myself. We head off to the hospital and it went steadily down hill, hour by hour.

Within a couple of hours of admission- we go for the epidural. The OB doc says “it will help speed things up,” if she breaks my wifes water for her- the risks she says- “there aren’t really any.” Doc says we’ll probably have the baby around 2am- it’s 8pm. I wake up at 9am, “did I miss the birth?” Nope, no birth- wife- still in labor and exhausted. She’s still contracting and fully effaced but not dilated more than a three. We wait and next comes the Pitocin- it’s necessary to get her dilating- her uterus is tired.

Both of our families arrive at 1pm and are anxiously awaiting the birth. It takes hours more until my wife can start pushing but when the time comes- adrenaline kicks in and she does a great job. Time goes by, and the doc says “do you want to try the vacuum- cause we need to get this baby out.” I ask about the risks- “there aren’t really any.”

By now, my wife’s water has been broken for over 18 hours, she’s got a fever and she’s completely exhausted. The vacuum- basically a suction cup that sticks to the top of the babies head and tries to pull him out- is unsuccessful. Now we’re off for a cesarean section- the absolute last thing that either of us wanted. I’m madder than hell at the way events have unfolded- and angrier that we’re both powerless. My hearts broken- knowing that Heidi won’t get the baby placed on her chest right after birth.

Even after working in the emergency room- I’m about to lose it watching the c-section on my wife. It’s a lot different when it’s someone that you love and care about. I don’t know if it was the stress of it all or what- but my nose started bleeding- mid operation.

Baby comes out with a giant “cone-head.” When I first see my son- I don’t cry- I laugh at the sight of his elongated melon- courtesy of being in the birth canal for so long.

Baby is crying and looks good but get’s taken away to the NICU because they say that he’s having to labor to breathe. When I get there with momma, he looks awesome and his oxygen measurement looks great. Six hours later, baby is back with mom and dad.

As of right now, baby has a bruised head from the vacuum cup but other than that, he’s doing stellar. Peeing and pooping and eating non-stop, he’s an amazing little creature. Despite the way things happened, Heidi and I are very grateful that it’s over and that everyone is healthy. Now for the hard part…

4 thoughts on “New Life- Update

  1. Lovely commentary Charles we are delighted for you all and send you all our love & prayers
    From Great Aunty Su , Great uncle Pete & Jessie xxxxx

  2. Just want to congratulate you and your wife. The blessing of the baby finally arriving changes everything and all that stress just passes. Your life is forever changed.

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