It Takes Two



Uhh…just waking up…11:15am…

Alright honey…let’s head to the ER….

Three buses later…


Hi, what are you being seen for today?

Nausea and vomiting.

And you sir?

Low back pain…real bad…been goin’ on for ’bout a month.

Ok, let’s get some vital signs and we’ll take you back to a room.

Can we go to the same room?


It’s the team approach! A family affair, the duet, table for two…however you want to put it. It’s so bizarre to me when couples check into the emergency room- just ’cause.

If you’ve been in a car accident and you come in as a family- or with a friend from the wreck, that’s one thing. But when your significant other checks in and then minutes later you say…”I guess I’ll check in to,” in my mind…your complaint loses a bit of it’s urgency.

Lord knows that sometimes for guys, we won’t go to the emergency room unless we’re dragged there. But when you check in to pass the time while you wait for someone, well-they have a place for that. It’s called the library.

3 thoughts on “It Takes Two

  1. So funny. Before I checked in for my broken foot, I actually called ahead to see if a broken foot was something urgent enough to even warrant going to the ER!

    • Yeah, call ahead like jenni did and maybe we can reserve you a corner room!
      Everyone looks good in a hospital gown!

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