52 Hours In…

pregnant, mom, labor, clock, painI’m not in the emergency room today, instead- my wife and I are in the OB ward. We’re fifty-two hours into a labor process that seems like it may finally come to an end.

My wife went through something called prodromal labor- where you have active- painful contractions but they aren’t effectively dilating the cervix. Two nights ago, my wife Heidi woke up with strong contractions and was unable to sleep at all. All day long, she labored on and off- with painful contractions but in irregular fashion.

After two nights of no sleep and contractions that bring her to tears, we get an appt. and go in and see the doc. Still no dilation. Doc says to go home, take an ativan, get some sleep and hopefully when you wake up- you’ll have the baby. The ativan helps but she only gets a couple hours of sleep and is up every half hour to hit the restroom. 48 hours of painful contractions and I make the executive decision to head to the hospital- let’s get this thing done.

We have to check in through the emergency room and even in the short few minutes that we spend waiting there, we see a chick fly off the handle. Apparently the paramedics had stolen three things of hers- specifically some orange juice and a space blanket. She starts screaming obsceneties at an ER tech and the tech walks out, saying she’s gonna call security. Hilarious irony- the patient screams, “I want a patient advocate bitch!”

Security comes and wheels the patient off to a room to put her in restraints, she’s sitting up on the bed, with a space blanket draped over her- she’s peering out of it like she’s in a tent. Awesome.

We head upstairs and as of right now, we’re about twenty hours in, my wife has an epidural and we’re just waiting to start the final descent. Keep us in your prayers, we’ll be proud parents soon. Stand by for pictures!

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  1. Good luck! I will be keeping you both in my thoughts. And that girl with the space blanket… She kept it up for 10 hours and counting.

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